Selecting an Auctioneer

Selecting the correct auctioneer is very important, as quality results are a product of the professionalism of your auctioneer.

When selecting an auctioneer to represent you, there are important factors to consider:


Are they licensed under the state of Wisconsin? 

  • WYoder Auction, LLC is licensed under the state of Wisconsin as well as Illinois and Minnesota.


Does your Auctioneer belong to the local state and national auctioneers association?

  • Yes, Wayne Yoder belongs to both the WAA and NAA 


What types of auctions does your Auctioneer hold?

  • Live Onsite and Online (simulcast), Live Auctions, and Online Auctions 


Will you receive an auction proposal/contract explaining services, timetable, seller responsibilities and auctioneer responsibilites?

  • Yes, you will be provided with a contract to review. Understanding all verbiage explaining responsibilities and services provided before signing is encouraged. 


Are there any hidden costs not listed on the auction proposal?

  • We ensure all fees and costs are written in an understandable and clear manner on the contract. If there are any questions, be sure to get clarification before signing.


How will your Auctioneer advertise your auction?

  • Advertising your items for auction is a vital aspect of selling. WYoder Auction, LLC advertises your auction through internet/social media, photo-heavy mailing lists, specialized collector lists, and regional newspapers.


What's involved with auction setup?

  • Depending on the type of auction, Onsite, Online, Auctionhouse/Online, auction staff arrives at auction location to arrange items for sale, items are either picked up from your location and brought to the auction center and/or items are dropped off at the auction center.


Will your Auctioneer achieve the best price for your items?

  • Consignment percentages vary across the board and the lowest percentages don't always get the highest results. WYoder Auction, LLC's rates are fair and always have the Seller in mind. Be sure to select the best Auctioneer, not the cheapest.


With those in mind, we look forward to doing business with you!

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