What Do We Auction?



Each year we hold multiple auctions, each having their own unique products.  There's an auction here for everyone!  Come join us for our Semi-Annual collector car and sign auction!  It’s the only collector car auction held in the state of Wisconsin, and it’s open to the public where anyone can BUY and anyone can SELL!  We also offer auctioning estates, real estate, specialty items including signs, guns, advertising, cast iron collectibles, salesman samples, antiques, toys, and more!  W Yoder Auction will also auction off farm equipment and livestock.  Have a business that's closing?  We offer business liquidation as well! 

Does any of this sound like something you may have stored away in your attic?  Maybe up in that old barn of yours?  Click HERE to see how you can book your auction today with W Yoder Auction, and why we believe we will be the best choice for you!


What Can Be Expected Of Us?

You can expect smiles, laughter, and fun.  We are dedicated to making your auction experience a positive one.  Engaging with the crowd and getting them involved in the action is what we do best!  W Yoder Auction wants to serve you with our win win attitude.  When you leave with a smile on your face, we know we have accomplished our promise of a fun, exciting auction day. 

If you ever have any questions or comments, never hesitate to come to us!  We want to hear from you!  Did you like your experience with us?  Please feel free to email us with a positive comment!  Didn't like something about our services?  Please bring it to our attention  as well!  W Yoder Auction continues to keep our value in our customers opinions and strive to be the best in the business for you.

What People are Saying about W. Yoder Auction

Mary, WI, “I've always received great service from your auctions. I've dealt with other online auctions; and, your customer service has always been far superior.” 
Jim, FL, "Very nice staff and a great auction service.  Shipping my items to my home was no problem.  Hearing the online bidding live made it easier to understand the procedure as well.  Thank you."
James, WI, "Very entertaining auctioneers that keep up the pace and engage the participants. Great variety of items were offered."
Pete, MO, "As a client of WYoderAuctions, They are the most trustworthy in the business. Great way to have fun shopping. I know estates are not in any way "fun" but the family has to deal with "stuff" and Wayne and his staff are very sensitive to just that."
Mary, MN, "If we could give WYoder auctions a 10 star we would! The most honest and trustworthy auctioneer we have ever worked with. this is the first consignment we had with the yoder classic car actions, the service was fantastic, his first and last thought was doing the best he could for us, and he did. We will not hesitate to use WYoder again!"

We look forward to seeing you at our next auction!  And always remember “you need to bid to win!”